ENGIE and HyNL sponsoring TU-Delft team Eco-Runner

ENGIE and the HyNetherlands-team are a proud sponsor of the Delft University of Technology (TU-Delft) Eco-Runner XIII team. The multidisciplinary student team Eco-Runner, consisting of 23 students, devotes a year to designing, building, testing and racing the world’s most efficient hydrogen car.  To fund the research and development of their hydrogen car, the team relies on sponsors. ENGIE and HyNetherlands encourage the students to innovate and work on the energy transition together. As a sponsor, the HyNetherlands team will follow and support the team in working towards their ultimate goal: setting a new world record.

World record

The world record attempt will take place between 23-25 of June in Immendingen, Germany. The goal is to drive more than 2056 km on just a little under 1 kg of hydrogen. During the world record attempt, the team members will drive for 3 days straight to cover this substantial distance.

Dream Hall Day

Until the world record attempt, there are various events being planned with students, partners and general public, to which HyNetherlands will contribute to. Members of the HyNetherlands-team were present during the Dream Hall Day organized by team Eco-Runner. The Dream Hall Day was divided in two parts: 1. There was a Marketplace for students that had the opportunity to meet the partners of the Dream-teams of TU-Delft and 2. Students worked on several cases, including a case brought in by HyNetherlands.

About Eco-Runner
The Eco-Runner Team Delft is a non-profit project at Delft University of Technology that focuses on developing fuel efficient hydrogen cars. Their goal is to break the World Record of driving the furtest distance on one tank of hydrogen. Their second goal this year is to win the Shell Eco-Marathon, which is a competition for energy efficient vehicles. A new car is produced each year, to push the boundaries of vehicle efficiency. Innovation and a multidisciplinary team are necessary to achieve their goal.

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