ENGIE present during World Hydrogen Week

Hydrogen is one of the pillars of ENGIE’s strategy, in the Netherlands and from within the ENGIE Group. To support our ambitions for 2030, ENGIE will be present at World Hydrogen Week in Rotterdam taking place next week. From October 9 to 13, more than 3,000 international experts will be present to share the power and potential of hydrogen for a cleaner and greener world.


Grégory Bartholomé (Project Leader HyNetherlands) and Valérie Ruiz (Group Hydrogen Vice President) will speak on Wednesday 11th of October. There will also be an exhibition on Wednesday and Thursday, where ENGIE will use a VR-experience at the exhibition booth to let visitors experience what hydrogen production at HyNetherlands will look like.

The HyNetherlands project will produce green hydrogen based on sustainable, renewable, energy. At our booth (A5), in addition to the VR experience, the objectives, achievements and future plans are detailed.


Curious what the process of making and storing green hydrogen looks like and who the final customers are? Check out our animation.

Click this link to learn more about what the week in Rotterdam has to offer.