HyNetherlands welcomes Revive waste-to-wheel project partners

On the 17th of November, the Revive waste-to-wheel project visited the ENGIE Eems power plant, the envisioned site of the HyNetherlands project.

The visit was part of a two-day programme, with the first day focusing on hydrogen in mobility and the city of Groningen and the second day on hydrogen activities in the region. During the visit, members of the HyNetherlands team elaborated on the project and how the team is working with parties in the region. Not to realize just the HyNetherlands project, but to make the hydrogen economy happen.

Working together is also one of the key points of the Revive waste-to-wheel project. Revive stands for ‘Refuse Vehicle Innovation and Validation in Europe’. The project aims to make refuse vehicles more sustainable by using hydrogen-based fuel cells, among other things.

The visit was a great way to exchange views and learn from each other.