Team HyNL participated in Hydrogen Valley Flevoland (FLHY) workshops

The Province of Flevoland has abundant amounts of wind and solar energy. Congestion is an issue which must be addressed, and solutions must be found on short notice. To come to solutions, public and private organizations must work together. Therefore, the Province of Flevoland has commissioned Impact Hydrogen to conduct a study of potential hydrogen clusters and hydrogen chains in the province.

A report about a strategy for a solid start of a hydrogen economy in Flevoland is expected. The report will contain a number of recommendations on the next steps to be taken to come to clusters and chains. Naturally, input and knowledge exchange from local parties is necessary.


ENGIE and the HyNetherlands team participated in two workshops organized by the Province of Flevoland. The HyNetherlands project was explained, and it was used as a case to talk further on the topic of hydrogen, as opportunity for both the province in general and local businesses.

Province of Flevoland

Flevoland wants to become the testing ground of the Netherlands in the field of energy and storage! To significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent further global warming, more sustainable energy is needed. This involves not only innovative ways of generation, but also balancing supply and demand. Their strategy consists of four pillars, of which hydrogen is one. The goal of the province is to eventually become a hydrogen valley. Source: Province of Flevoland Learn more